HMPS – YuMi vs Rubik’s Cube

See the video YuMi, the robot, vs Rubik’s Cube.

ABB’s robot, YuMi, is one of a new breed of “cobots”. These collaborative robots are designed to be safe enough to be around people. This opens up avenues for humans and robots to work together more closely, a scenario not previously possible with standard industrial robots.

YuMi’s arms have 7 degrees of freedom each, making the entire system a 14 axis robot. This provides a great deal of flexibility of movement, allowing more complex functions to be carried out.

In this application a Cognex Insight camera is identifying the position and orientation of the Rubik’s Cube on the table. YuMi picks up the cube and analyses each face to determine the position of each coloured square. The RAPID program then formulates a sequence of moves to solve the Rubik’s Cube and match up all the colours. YuMi executes these moves, requiring accuracy and coordination between the arms. Robot supplied by ABB, system manufacturing and integration by HMPS, vision hardware supplied by Automation Systems & Control, RAPID robot coding by Colin Love, solution algorithm by Eric Love, music by Jonno Klynsmith.

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