RSC20 Robotic Pick & Place – Savoury Crackers

See the video of HMPS Robotic Pick & Place – Savoury Crackers.

Our client required a solution to automate the packing of their boxes of savoury crackers to meet the requirements of leading supermarket chains. HMPS designed and installed a customised HMPS6000 RSC Case Packer with several key features.

This system uses a diverter to form the boxes into two lanes which are fed into two servo driven paddle index conveyors used to re-orientate the boxes from a horizontal to vertical position. The boxes are then picked up by one of two robots and placed into the cartons which are then folded and sealed. When a mixed carton is required a robot removes the product from the shipper and places it on the staging conveyor ready to be interfaced with production product. The products are then merged through the collation system ready for pick up by the loading robot.

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