milk crate automation

HMPS Plastic Milk Crate Loader with Integrated Robotic Palletiser

Another one of our milk crate loading systems. This is a cut down version of our high speeds systems. Being only fed from a single in-feed it is a good option for smaller dairies. The crate loader can handle 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 2L bottles at up to 100 bottles/minute.

The project was supplied as a turn key installation. The scope also included an integrated robotic palletiser. Crate washer. Crate destacker as well as crate and bottle conveyors.

HMPS High Speed Plastic Milk Bottle Crate Packer

A new install for one of our long-time clients. This new loader rounds out our suite of milk crate loaders, covering the top end of the speed range. Utilising a 1-3 telescopic lane diverter bottles are diverted to 3 crate loading stations allowing for a top speed of 260 bottles/minute for standard 2L plastic milk

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