Tray Former

Our client was looking for something to automate the erecting of their tray to hand load product into. We developed a compact tray former to meet their needs

HMPS Greatest Hits HMPS are a South Australian based company who specialise in the development and manufacturing of high quality machinery for packaging processes and show the greatest hits in this industry. We design and engineer robotic and automation machinery specifically to suit our clients packaging needs. Our bespoke approach to creating packaging machinery allows our clients …

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Wraparound Casepacker Packing Tubs of Dip

HMPS designed a solution to automate end of line requirements which automated the process with minimal operator involvement. Besides, it is low-maintenance, easy-clean and adheres to Australian OH&S standards. The HMPS5000 Wraparound Casepacker eliminates end-of-line labor constraints. This delivers a solution which can pack three different size tubs of dip into various formations

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